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The Milk Room

Wonderbewbz’s foundations are built on cGMP regulations. These include appropriate personal hygiene practices, design and construction of the facility, maintenance of the facility and equipment, facility sanitation, sanitary operations and process controls.

Our certified ISO-6 cleanroom is where we process your liquid gold. This ensures that we are handling your milk in a clean & controlled environment. Our cleanroom is also coated with AirTumTec's revolutionary antimicrobial coating, long-lasting disinfectant against viruses.

In addition, all crew members are required to have mandatory training in the principles of food safety and personal hygiene practices. 

We also have dedicated and separate equipment for our Muslim mamas! <3

Safety First

I'm a mum myself, and the OG Wonderbewbz customer!

The importance of ensuring the safety and cleanliness of what we are doing is of top priority. Cliche, I know. But 101% truth. We only want the best for our babies.

Thank you for trusting us with this invaluable asset that will provide benefits to both you and bubz for the years ahead!

Control Procedures

Cleaning & Sanitation

We process only one mama's milk at a time!

We clean, disinfect and sanitise before, between and after every batch run.

Quality Control Checks

Our 2-step QC checks ensure the best quality and dryness of your breast milk powder, ensuring shelf-stability before packaging.

First, we use thermal imaging to check on each batch, making sure that they are dried thoroughly. Next, we conduct the water activity test to ensure it is indeed as dry as possible. We have consistently achieve 0.10-0.15 for all our batches.

(For reference: General food safety benchmark is 0.6, infant formula has a water activity level of 0.2)

Final Packaging

Done in a controlled environment of the ISO-5 laminar flow cabinets to prevent contamination during packaging.

IAQ Testing

Regular indoor air quality testing of our milk room to ensure that there are no airborne contaminants within the environment.

Environmental Testing

Regular environmental testing of our milk room and equipment to ensure that sanitization practices are effective at preventing contamination during processing.

See test report by SGS here

Ongoing Training

Up-to-date and targeted training to ensure quality and effectiveness of our processes


Documentation of training activities, frozen breastmilk handling policies, cleaning and sanitation, receiving records, and use of sign-off logs.