Preparation Method

Before preparing, ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water, with equipment and bottles thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

It is recommended to prepare fresh feeds each time and use it immediately. This is why we custom pack your freeze-dried breast milk powder in small quantities, as per your baby's feeding requirements!

IMPORTANT: Like powdered infant formula, freeze-dried breast milk powder is not sterile. Please follow the recommended storage, handling and preparation guidelines to prevent contamination.


Breast Milk Powder

Store the sealed packs in a cool, dry and indoor area. Once it is opened, store tightly zipped in the same way and use within 2-3 days. Do not store it in the refrigerator as condensation can happen. That can cause your breast milk powder to spoil. 

It is a good habit to check on the powder before usage. Do not use the powder after the stated expiry dates on your label. Always keep a look out for discolouration and bad odour. Discard when in doubt.

Reconstituted Breast Milk

Once it is reconstituted, use it within 2 hours. Breast milk can spoil if left out at room temperature. If it is not used within 2 hours, store it in the refrigerator and use it within 24 hours. Do not freeze the reconstituted breast milk. Discard any leftovers after feeding your baby as saliva mixed in with the milk can cause bacteria to grow.

Preparing the Bottle

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Add Water

Add room temperature / 38-40°C pre-boiled or purified water into the bottle. 

Follow the volume stated on the label to ensure you are using the optimum amount of water.

Remember to always measure the water first before adding the powder!

Add Powder

As we vacuum-seal our bags, the powder will be compact. Squeeze sides to loosen it up before adding.

Add powder into the bottle by pouring the contents directly into it.

Swirl & Mix!

Mix them together! Close the lid of the bottle tightly and swirl the bottle to mix. Use a clean sterilized stirrer/spoon if you must to ensure the powder is mixed properly. 

If you still see chunks, it could be because of the fat content in your milk has yet to dissolve. Continue swirling as it might take a few minutes to settle in. Warmer water might be required to fully mix it in.

Do not warm your reconstituted breast milk past 38-40°C, as studies have shown that the nutrients in breast milk start to break down past body temperature.

Do not warm milk using a microwave as it might cause hot spots that can scald your baby. It is best to use a bottle warmer for precise temperature control. 

Test Temperature

Test the temperature of the milk by dripping a few drops on the insides of your wrist. Remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s definitely not safe for your baby!

Adding into Solids

Yes, you can add your own nutritional booster to your bubz’ solids ;)

Make a milkshake, fortify their cereals, or use it to dab slippery foods!

Be sure to mix in the powder thoroughly with the solids to prevent accidental powder inhalation. 

Always remember to keep the packs tightly zipped after opening. Powder can spoil when exposed to moisture. Please use the opened pack within 2-3 days to ensure the quality of the powder is not compromised.

Please discard if the powder smells bad (sweet to cheesy smell is normal, sour is not) or is discoloured.

The above recommendations are REFERENCED from the following resources. For more detailed information on Infant Formula Preparation, please visit: