How Freeze-Drying Works

Freeze-drying basically puts food into a state of suspended animation. Moisture contents within are removed through a process called sublimation.

Your breast milk is placed on large racks inside a vacuum chamber where the temperature is lowered to below freezing, and then slowly raised. The water content from within transforms from a solid state (frozen) to gas (vapour), removing most of the weight while maintaining its structure.

The lower the moisture content, the longer the shelf life. Most (~97%!) of its all-important nutrients is preserved and retained, and can be reconstituted with water back to its original state.


    Your frozen breast milk is placed into chambers of even lower temperatures, deep freezing them.


    Air pressure is dropped within the chamber with a powerful pump.

  • DRY

    The longest part of the entire process. Warming cycles turn the ice crystals into vapour, extracting almost all the water within.


    Packed in mini! We vacuum seal our food-grade mylar bags to ensure shelf life stability without the usage of chemical reaction-based oxygen/moisture absorbers. Stored correctly, they can last up to 3 years.