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The Process:

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Is freeze-drying safe? Would anything else be added?

Freeze-drying is a process adopted by human milk donor banks globally in the preservation and storage of breast milk.

The process of freeze-drying is 100% natural: your breast milk is processed as-is, without any addition of chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

How does the process go?

Freeze drying works by removing the moisture (water content) from your breast milk while it is in a frozen state. First, your milk will be placed frozen in a vacuum chamber. The chamber is then heated, causing the frozen water to turn into vapour and escape your milk. This process is called sublimation.

The vapour is then collected on a cold surface, where it turns back into ice and is removed from the vacuum chamber. This process leaves behind a dry, preserved powder which retains the nutritive components of your breast milk, and with a longer shelf life than your original frozen breast milk.

Freeze drying is often used for preserving foods, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable materials.

You mean my breast milk changes in the freezer?

It does! Freezing is currently the only method that mums can use to preserve their breast milk. However, prolonged freezing actually results in a decrease in quality of your milk (this is why fresh is always the best!).

A 2014 and 2019 research study comparing breast milk frozen overtime showed a significant loss of macronutrients, specifically fat and energy.

Will freeze-drying affect my breast milk?

Research have shown that freeze-drying breast milk is a safe and more effective way of preserving the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic properties of breast milk!

Freeze-drying retains over 95% of nutrients, making it the new best method of preserving your precious drops! Check our lab test comparison here.

Are the nutrients affected?

After conducting thorough testing of our process, we have observed comparable outcomes to those published in the research cited on our website.

Specifically, we have not witnessed any notable reduction in the levels of macronutrients! Please take a look at the lab test results comparison here.

Do you separate Halal and Non-Halal milk?

Yes, we have separate and dedicated equipment for our Muslim mamas! <3

Regarding My Milk:

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How do I store my breast milk?

We recommend to store your breast milk FLAT. It saves space and is easier to handle.

Quick notes:

1) Never fill breast milk up to the brim of the bag as water expands when frozen, always leave space at the top!

2) Squeeze out all remaining air pockets and seal the storage bag.

3) Lay it flat (not standing) to freeze.

How long can I keep milk in the freezer before freeze-drying?

Every drop is precious! We can help you freeze-dry any milk that you wish to preserve. Ultimately, the decision to do so is yours as it is your milk.

According to national recommendations here, generally with the regular freezer that comes with our refrigerator at home (-15°C), you can store it for up to 6 months. With a deep freezer (-20°C), you can store it for up to 12 months.

The 2 factors that impact your breast milk's nutritional value are the duration of freezing and the method of thawing.

Basically, the sooner you use or freeze-dry your frozen milk, the better it is! If you send in your older milk, you can prevent any further degradation. And if you absolutely love the convenience it brings, you can then send in your fresher milk to preserve them for longer!

The freeze-drying process requires your milk to be frozen as the first step, hence there is no thawing involved. The process that removes the water is called sublimation - so the water goes straight from solid to gas. Thawing can alter the quality of the milk. With freeze-drying, the changes in quality, taste, and nutritional degradation that happens when milk is thawed from a frozen state can be prevented (This is why it helps milk with high lipase too!)

Is there a minimum/maximum ml per bag that I can send?

There's no minimum and/or maximum per bag as long as it is not overfilled (more than the max amount stated on the storage bag)

We process them together for a more balanced nutritional composition across all your powdered mini bags :)

What kind of breast milk storage bags are acceptable?

Common brands include: Autumnz, Avent, Dr Brown’s, Lansinoh, Medela, MyLO, Pigeon, Sunmum, Tommee Tippee

Generally, if they are pre-sealed, pre-sterilized, BPA-free, double ziplocked, leak proof and freezer safe, it should not be an issue. It is necessary to use bags that are not torn or damaged, and free of dirt or debris on the exterior. Additionally, the milk you send should be completely frozen and not previously thawed.

We do not accept milk in bottles/jars, tubes, silicon storage bags or ziploc bags.

Baby didn't like my thawed breast milk previously, will freeze drying help?

Breast milk contains a naturally occurring enzyme known as lipase, which aids in breaking down fat for the baby's digestion. In some cases, mums who may have higher concentration of lipase activity can alter the taste and smell of breast milk, even though it is safe for babies to consume. 

Freeze drying breast milk does not reduce the lipase concentration due to its ability to retain nutrients, but it reduces further activity by removing water from the milk, making the milk milder in taste and smell.

Although babies' taste preferences vary, some do prefer bottles made from freeze-dried breast milk over thawed breast milk (aka my son!)

If baby still prefers fresh breast milk though, you can add the freeze-dried breast milk powder to their food as they grow, ensuring that the time and energy you invested in is not for nothing ;)

About My Order:

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How do I prepare my milk for pick-up?

While packing your milk, do a visual check and ensure that none of the bags are torn, damaged, leaking, or dirty. Please do not send in milk that has been previously thawed before. If they are, kindly do not send in for freeze drying as the quality of the milk has already been compromised. 

Set aside the amount you are freeze-drying and please keep them frozen in your freezer till we arrive. We have cooler bags, boxes and ice sheets to ensure that your milk is kept frozen until it reaches our facility.

When can I expect to receive my order?

After we receive your order, it typically takes around 4 days - 4 weeks to process (depending on amount sent in).

We'll reach out via WhatsApp to let you know when your order is complete, and also to arrange a convenient drop-off time or when your order is shipped. 

P.S: For larger volumes and/or overseas orders, processing time may be longer.

Will I receive updates on my order?

We’d love to share the excitement! We try to involve you in the whole process as best as we can. If you have any questions, we are always just a text away!

How many bags will I get back?

Your breast milk is as unique as you are! Every mama’s milk varies in water and fat content. Usually for 3L, you may expect to get 380-400g of powder back in total (cuz BM is ~88% water!)

We can custom pack to your preference. Number of bags will vary if we are packing according to your customised request!

Otherwise, with our default packaging of ~15g each, you can expect to get 25-30 bags back.

Can I combine orders/milk with my friend?

Sorry mama, we do not encourage this at all! This is to eliminate any possible form of contamination that may happen even before the freeze drying process starts.

Our commitment to health and safety means that we have established strict policies and procedures. We will only accept and process YOUR own breast milk.

Each mama's milk is processed individually and handled exclusively at any point of the process.

How will I know I'm getting my own milk back?

Our service operates on an one-mama-at-one-time only basis.

Once we receive your breastmilk, we document it thoroughly with photos. Your milk is always tagged to your name and NRIC last 4 digits.

We always handle your breast milk exclusively and process only one mama's milk at a time!

How does your subscription plan work?

Choose between 3 or 6 months & save more! Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis and will automatically end once the total number of recurring payments (3 or 6) is received.

Please note that there are no cancellations once you've subscribed. For special circumstances, you will be required to top up to the original price should the subscription be mutually agreed upon to cease prematurely.

Kindly note that Atome payments are not available for subscription plans.

T&Cs here.

Is your service open to overseas mamas?

Kindly contact us for special arrangements. Additional shipping rates may apply.

Breast Milk Powder:

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How is it packaged?

We custom it based on your baby's feeding requirements! (Min 100ml, Max 200ml)

Otherwise, our default per pack is approximately 15g (which usually makes about 125ml).

We employ vacuum sealing techniques to our food-grade mylar bags, ensuring shelf stability without the usage of chemical reaction-based oxygen or moisture absorbers.

We do not want these in direct contact with the powder! You'll never have to worry about accidentally dropping it into the bottle or foods.

How many bottles can I make with 1 bag?

With any volume sent in, you can reconstitute them back close to the same amount. Every bag comes with a label on the amount of water to add so that you know much water is required. 

With our default of 15g per bag, generally that can be reconstituted into 125ml of milk. Alternatively, you can sprinkle onto bb’s solids as an additional nutritional boost! 

For custom amount requirements, please indicate on checkout under "Order special instructions' or simply drop us a text!

How should I store it?

To ensure its quality and longevity, it is important to store the sealed bags in a cool (15-30°C), dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Moisture, light, air, and heat can affect its freshness.

Keep bags tightly zipped and use within 2-3 days once opened.

Do not store your powder in the refrigerator.

How do I use it?

Packaged into mini bags, your freeze-dried breast milk powder is not only convenient but also easy to prepare!

Simply make a bottle by pouring the powder into a bottle of warm water with your specified amount and mix.

You can also sprinkle onto bubz' cereal, or make a milkshake with it!

Please refer to How To Use for more information.

How long is it good for?

You'll be thrilled to know that your breast milk powder is good for up to 3 years under proper storage conditions!


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Can I use the information provided on this website as medical advice?

We are here as fellow mamas to provide an alternative for you to store your breast milk safely and conveniently. The information and advice provided on the Website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to establish a professional relationship or to aid in making medical decisions. We are not here to replace the role of medical professionals.

Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the website. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new health related product/service.

Powdered breast milk is not sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants who might have immune problems unless supervised by your paediatrician.

Do you have any license/cert?

Wonderbewbz works as a dedicated personal service provider. Our clean room is ISO-6 certified.

Since we do not engage in the sale, storage, production of breast milk nor other food items, SFA, MOH and HSA do not require us to have any licensing at this current point.

That being said, our entire framework has been built on the foundations of these licensing. We are also consistently striving to obtain relevant certifications in order to improve and upgrade our processes!