How to Order, What to Expect

  • (1) Place Order

    Place an order through our website, and we will get in touch with you to arrange for pick-up.

  • (2) Pre-check

    • No visible rips, tears, leaks
    • Kept for 6 months (regular freezer) or 12 months (deep freezer) and below
    • Not previously thawed before
  • (3) Pick-up

    We arrive in style with our cooler bags, boxes and frozen ice sheets. Do set aside the ordered amount before hand so as to facilitate quicker loading into our cooler bags.

  • (4) QC & Processing

    We transport it back to our facility and QC again upon arrival. Only one mama's order will be processed at a time. Order lead time depends on total amount.

  • (5) QC & Packaging

    Our 2-step quality check on the final product is done before we pack them into our dedicated mylar bags. You're close to receiving them!

  • (6) Delivery

    D-day! Get excited: We will arrange a delivery date and send your no frills, on-the-go breast milk powder for bubz to enjoy!