Why Freeze-Dry My BM?

The saying goes that feeding breastmilk is free, on the contrary, it isn’t! The money you spend on getting the right pumps, lactation consults, massages, and many more further contributes to how valuable your breastmilk is.

It is in fact, priceless. And there is no better way to preserve these precious drops than freeze-drying.

The process of freeze-drying has been widely adopted and generally used in preserving food products. Milk banks in particular, do make use of this method to safely store and retain the nutrients of donors’ milk.

Research has shown that freeze-drying is one of, if not, the most effective way of human milk preservation. The process retains most of the breast milk’s nutrients and antimicrobial properties. The end product after the freeze-drying process leaves a shelf-stable powder that you can store for years! That beats freezing your breast milk which would last you, at best a year, not to mention that the properties degenerate over time.

Just think about all that freezer space you’ll save.