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Wonder Partners

We've joined forces with our wonderful partners to serve you mamas better!


Kai Singapore

Singapore's First Premium Confinement Hotel

KAI embraces ‘omotenashi’, the Japanese concept of genuine, wholehearted hospitality; paying attention to the smallest of details and anticipating every need of the guest to deliver an unforgettable experience, and having a guest-oriented, personalised approach that tailors arrangements to the needs and preferences of each mother and baby.

Exclusive perks for all Kai Guests.

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Nino Nana

Eco-Conscious Premium Diapers

Nino Nana Breathable Diapers are designed in Singapore for premium comfort and with respect to the environment. Made from the safest premium materials handpicked from around the world.

Totally Chlorine-Free, Thin and Ultra-breathable, Ergonomic design

Free Travel Pack featuring 3 diapers & 3 different designs with every order made!

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A Mighty Mum

Latch Anytime, Anywhere Without A Nursing Cover!

A Mighty Top and Kimono, a dual purpose clothing that doubles up as a nursing cover conveniently.

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